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The Archframe and enemies based on its technology


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I thought up this idea from many different sources, [Gundam, Armored Core and Code geass {kightmare frame}]

[Replace Archwing or addition?]

The Archframe, a experimental combat [mech? Armor?] that was intended to replace the Archwing but was lost during the old war with the disapearance of the tenno and its maker.

This weapon was originally designed to fully protect its operator with full coverage consisting of dense armor and high capacity shields but unfortunately due to power issues as well as depleting resources, the Archframe was scaled down to a more protective combat armor. Less armor and shields but higher mobility which was essential for combating sentient interceptors. Another reason to scale it down is to also allow the Archframe to be deployed into battle from a Railjack. 

After the tenno disapeared and sentients retreated, the factions that remained have the ability to scavenge lost technology, relics and derelicts from the old war which also included fragments of the Archframe and its research logs. 

[will continue on concept with additional info and concept images]


[image from  http://twinpsychopaths.weebly.com/mech-suits.html ]

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