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First time using the forums to trade, so bear with me.

Looking to trade off my unrolled [Boar] [Veldt] rivens (emphasis on unrolled, please don't ask about their subpar stats 😅).

Trading for:

[Rivens] (prefer unrolled): Quellor, Shedu. (May be interested in other rivens that I don't have, but I have 117+ so... 😂)

[Avionics] Void hole, Munition Vortex, Zekti Warhead

[Set] Spectra Vandal (Full set only please)

>>Can add up to 200p depending on trade and/or offer what prime sets/parts I have.<<


Also selling the rivens directly [Veldt] 30p [Boar] 90p .


Message me here or in-game!

All sold!

Apparently in-game trade chat is INFINITELY better than the forum version... (just my opinion, don't rage 😏)





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