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Dojo Railjack Invite bug


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I am having this problem, whenever i get invited to the railjack by a friend, the game freezes, blackscreens after a while and it constantly loads me to the dojo. Seems to happen after i come back from a railjack mission. After i load to the dojo it will reload me again to the orbiter, and again be thrown into loading screens towards the dojo. I have no clue on hownand why this is happening, but it might be the process of switching the appeareence of my ship with my friends.

Edit 1: Just restarted the game, got invited to the railjack by my friend, and it did it again, on the loading screen to load to the dojo, it blackscreened and reloaded about 4 times, before putting me in a completely random dojo. I am genuenly clueless on what is happening.

Edit 2: The lad left the dojo, invited me from the orbiter and it failed to join there too, when we both loaded back the the dojo it worked. Might have been a very rare bug or something, I will test if it happens again.

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