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Requiem Relic reward drop rate bugged?


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I have opened like almost (or a bit above) 50 Requiem Relics (always with a radiant one for 98%!), yet for mostly I only gets a common reward drop....

At my +20 lastest radiant relics, I only managed to getting just ONE Requiem Mods, and tons of Ayatan Ambers! I think that it's unacceptable that the common drops on a radiant relic is skyhigh with Requiem relic compared with the common one! I has for now like cracked 500-800 common ones and a lot of them was radiant ones, yet I only managed to get about 10-12 common ones, while I has already got +25 common ones from radiant Requiem relics. The biggest kick in the teeth is that I has for now gotten S-I-X Exilus Weapon Adapters while only managed to get 11 Requiem Mods I think.

Is this a bug or did they really messing with us or what? Please don't come with stupid memes like "git gud" or "RNGjesus" or something. This is not that fun! Seriously just one Requiem Mods on my +20 lastest Radiant Requiem Relic just tells that it's something seriously wrong here. I has at lately cracked a lot of regular relics and guess what....yep I got a lot of uncommon ones from Radiant ones. so I tried for today with cracking some Radiant Requiem Relics testing, and guess what....yep, only commons (only Ayatan Ambers) and Exilus Weapon Adapter (which is trash for the mostly) again!

I has managed to getting like about 25 Ayatan Amber Stars, about 10 Kuvas and only T-W-O Riven Gem (forgot what it's called) this so far. Please DE replace the Ayatan Amber reward with something better, since it's so easy to get that one during a regular mission!

I really need the "Fass" mod for finishing my Kuva Lich hunt, but after like +25 cracking of Requiem III Radiant ones and ZERO mods drop....no this isn't just a bad luck, it's something seriously wrong with the drop chance with Requiem ones compared with the regular ones which is almost impossible (like 3-6% for me) to getting common rewards with a radiant one...

It's ike 55-60% chance (or +95% on my 20-25 lastest radiant ones) of common reward drop with a radiant Requiem is not okay!

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