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Thoughts for a Zephyr rework


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Hello everyone,I'm bakahung .

today I want to talk about my thoughts for a zephyr rework.

Even though I'm not a Zephyr main,or even play her much,I do like a idea for a wind base warframe. Wind magic is actually one of my favorite type of magic in fantasy.

but the current state of Zephyr is not ideal.When I think of a wind caster,I have a image of a person standing in the wind,like a eye of a cyclone,while their enemies fly through the air powerlessly.

So I start to think how to improve her.And the following are my thoughts.


So before I start describing,here is my thought process:

First I will think what her role would be.

I determined that she should be a CC caster,while also have some way to stay alive.

This match her current play style.Right now,she mostly uses her 3 to stay alive,while cast 4 to CC enemies.

This will remain the same,but the execution will change a lot.

Next, her 1 and 2 . 1 is her signature move,so I will not change it.Changing this will only made who love her angry.

And 2 is there only for buffing 4.I will completely change it,but keep the spirit for it.

So,lets start it.

(by the way,I can't remember the name of her ability,so I will use numbers.Sorry about this.)



This is kind of annoying,but also shows the fact that she is very light.But I think this can be better.

I have 2 different idea.

First is to make her jump higher and faster,that's it.

Second is she will deal extra damage while in mid air.While this is nothing like the original,this do encourage people to jump and fly.Make her like a bird.


One of her signature,can't be change too much.Otherwise she will lose it's original spark.

But will add some synergy with her 4.I will address it at that section.


This is the big change.

This ability now have 2 different form.

If you tap it,Zephyr will summon a gust of wing at the target place immediately,damage and send everyone flying.Kind of like old sonicor.

 If you hold it,Zephyr will instead summon a tornado just like her 4 in it's buff state.But will cost more energy.

It's property is same as her old 4,but only one.And it will stay in one place.

Multiple tornadoes can exist at the same time.

And this mean her 4 will be replace with something else.



Her 2 right now feels like a mini CC,but way to slow to be useful.The tap version will fix that.

The other use is to buff her 4. So I thought,let's put them together.This is the only use of her 2 right now anyway.

And to think about it,these two ability have the same use,that is cc.Kind of like they put Vauban's 3 and 4 together because they are basically same,DE can do the same thing here.

And to keep the fun of seeing Grineers flying,you can cast many times to simulate the old tornado.

This change will make it a fast CC,or a small area denial,base on players choice.

Also the biggest problem of her 4 is not consistent,so it should stop moving.


faster old 2 and mini old 4 stick together.They serve the same purpose anyway.


This is her most useful ability now.No needs to change it.

maybe make her augment innate to buff her a little bit.Only able to reflect damage is kind of boring. 


Another big change.

After a short animation,Zephyr now will summon a cyclone in her current place.Like Gara's 4 but made out of wind.

All bullets will be absorb,while enemies in range will start flying and take damage over time.The damage will scale on the damage it absorb.

After the time is over or Zephyr press 4 again,the wind will stop and release all store damage in a burst,dealing damage to enemies within LOS.

Also have Synergy with her 1.If you use 1 through the cyclone,the damage will be add on it.

Like how Gauss will carry damage from his 3 if he use 1 through.



As a CC focus frame,she needs to have a big CC.And this is the form I think best suit her.She is the wind frame after all.

But we all know only having CC power is not good enough in today's meta,so I add some DPS potential.

I'm thinking since it also absorb teammates attack,this will be annoying for team play.But I also feared depending on enemies attack will not be enough.

Also a caster needs some synergy in her kit,so I put it here.

Gara's 4 + Mag's 2 but made out of wind.
Use 1 through the wall to increase damage of 1.


About her augments.I have no thoughts about them right now.I will need everyone's help for this.



This is my Zephyr rework,hopefully will make her a useful ,more importantly,a unique and fun frame to play.

I hope I have some better writing skill,I still have some thoughts but don't know how to say them.


At last,English is not my first language.So if the writing is bad or have many grammar error in this post,I sincerely apologize.

This is my first ever post discussing the video game I play,So I'm very nervous.


Thanks for reading.



Edited by Bakahung
I forget to talk about her passive.I'm so sorry.
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