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Idea For Future Mission/map Styles (Tenno Bases And Ships)


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I'll be shocked if this overhanging concept hasn't been posted yet, so please refer me to any and all threads that have this same idea.


TL;DR Version - Maps and/or missions that take place on Tenno bases and/or ships.


I was watching the concept art live stream (#15) the other day and they were discussing some of the dojo concept art they'd been working on and started to delve into what it might be like at home base for the Tenno; what they do, where they go, etc. This lead me to realize the Tenno have fought this complicated war on a variety of fronts except one: home base. So I thought hey, why not reverse the roles? After all, it's a war just like any other, and I would find it hard to believe the Tenno have a base, bases, ships, or what have you all over the place and never once get attacked. Well, I take that back - standard defense missions are the one exception to that scenario. Yet even those never take place on allied soil so-to-speak. 


So the idea is rather self-explanatory. This biggest contributing factor is simply just the map. Tenno ships and terrestrial (or space?) stations as maps would be fascinating I think, and would add so much depth to the Tenno on a 'personal' or 'cultural' scale.

When you play through any mission of any factions, the map plays a huge role in determining the characteristics of said faction. Grineer maps - Dingy, messy, and oppressive in nature. Corpus - Sterile, cold, and efficient. Infested - Creepy, foreboding, and twisted. Void - Mysterious, pristine, and unknowable. All of these attributes personify, and arguably define the factions they pertain to. So what about the Tenno? While I personally can't imagine what a Tenno ship or base would look like without my minds-eye defaulting to a dojo setting, I'm sure an artist could come up with something no problem using things already established about the Tenno mush better than I ever could. But that's an entirely different post altogether.


SO back to the missions. You could have all the normal mission types used as they stand, just in an alternative direction. For instance, defense would be no different than what it is now, just that it takes place at home rather than behind enemy lines. Same goes for mobile defense, except that that maybe you would be going to defend locations that are soon to be or already under attack. In other words, only the map aspect changes. 

On the other hand, missions like 'Capture' could take on an entirely different meaning. Rather than going out and retrieving someone from an enemy faction, the faction is trying to break into your base and retrieve said individual and you must prevent them from escaping with the subject.  Likewise, you could be preventing enemy forces from breaking into your base or ship to capture someone they've targeted. 


And then other mission types like survival could be implemented in completely different ways. I was thinking something along the lines of now you must hold off attack from unlimited waves on invasion while the facility you are protecting is being evacuated, and every interval of completion (ya know, every 5 minutes in normal survival) is that much more personnel or equipment or artifacts or whatever that are successfully evacuated. 


So, there you have it, my idea in a nutshell. I did my best to comb the forums before typing this up to look for anything of similar nature, but if this is just another dry repost I apologize.

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Just took part in an alert to secure an enemy turn-coat so a rescue mission I'd think that if he's a turncoat you could maybe use the Tenno ship stealth camo and infiltrate and look for the rescue target who'll be waiting for you at a certain spot outside a facility and after a certain amount of time looking for him your ships camo will deactivate due to using too much power or whatever and the enemy fighters and soldiers could start attacking the ship and/or the rescue target which'll kinda mix up the mission a bit with you dealing with the fighters then landing and saving the target. I'd line up for that alert hahah and other members of your team could each man a ship turret or something. (I'm mainly a solo player so forgive me for not putting a lot of thought into the group aspect of how this mission would go) A dynamic event for the mission could be the enemy faction could be looking for the target to kill /or throw in a cell and the team will have to be dropped off to find secure him and get him to the extraction where the pilot player could be waiting :)

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