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New Revolution Balance Idea : New Life Of Old Weapons (Short,long)


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Hello everyone.


As you all when you're on 9 rank, and who already and even more.

And here I was faced with a serious problem in the game.


Half of the weapons in the game is absolutely useless. You know I love melee weapons, I really love the look of Scana, including Prime version, I hunted for the dark sword, even a sword "Jaw".


I eventually I like the look of Waframe with a long sword.


BUT .. unfortunately the game daggers and swords are not. They have only view and nothing else, they can be needed only in the initial levels.


But what if you created your favorite image in the game, found their own style,and all of a sudden, your choice was not effective and can't do anything?


How to be?I I think many have already realized the uselessness of most of these wepons, I've never seen nothing of any game,all or severe, or new weapons.


Finally yesterday I decided proudly try again in the hope that balance improved and armed Ash's with fang.


I chose the sweep of 3 towers Orokin Tower . And the result of this test is very bad.

Data weapons have no prospects and meaning, and the character of their armed quickly perishes unable to quickly destroy the enemy, and all this with Catalists,and max mod levels.


And then I thought, how to be in this situation, because I am not alone for sure.

I wondered why people take heavy weapon = DAMAGE is severe impact, fast alpha! and minimal impact armor. Almost no one uses normal punch on them.

And it dawned on me. So, thank you to those who fully read. Now directly to the balance:



o following the logic of daggers can't do much damage severe blow, just would not make sense,little weight and all power in the blade, they should get strong base damage with a high chance of critical damage


So benchmarks dagger:




1 Base damage: 60-110 ( depending on model) AP ( depending on model) 

2 Crit chance: 25-30% with A.P. (depending on model) 

3 Basic critical multiplier: 250-300% (depending on model)

4 Damage strong blow: 25-30 (depending on model)

5 Effect of strong blow: ( blood loss,shock) 20-30% (depending on model)

other parameters became normal.


Swords something between heavy weapons and blades. They have an average resistance blade, high area of the cutting edge ,and sufficient mass for applying heavy damage.



1 Basic damage: 120-130  ( depending on model)

2 Crit chance: 15-20%  ( depending on model)

3 Basic critical multiplier: 150-200%  ( depending on model)

4 Damage strong blow: 130-150  ( depending on model)

5 Critical chance strong blow: 80%

6 Multiplier: 200-250%  ( depending on model)



So after reading (if)  this you probably will be a SHOCK

But look at you, are allready scared ,and feel what this weapon are can be serious! And thats it! 

However Its number is really not very high.. with specific and compare with MAINSTREAM heavy weapons.. (11k crit Galatayne)


You probably will want to write at the bottom,that the author wants to IMBA weapons that they say no way.


No it is not guys.

And now think about what I said, look at all those weapons which forgot and never will be recall again ..and instant on crazy imba nova skils ..Galatayne crazy damage ..( you feel it? ) the feel of jujment =) 

And decide for what you want to play with the fact that efficiently (all) or with what YOU Want and YOU like?

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