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some games give you the opportunity to check what your ping is by: looking at a "red/green-hued bar", typing a specific command in chat, still, pressing a key (ie: F3) etc. IN MY OPINION the implementation of some descriptive statistics for your in-game connections could be really useful.


i think that lag issues are directly related to game's structure itself. if missions were localized on main servers, everything would be pretty easy to deal. you could play with me and viceversa with no problem (even if-when your connection or server's was unstable for real). on the contrary, at this moment, i cannot accept the idea not to play with some guys only because my/your ping is higher than 170.


how can you know your ping? there you go: speedtest.net - select a provider from wherever host is "hosting".

from my location(EU) to USA (New York) my ping is ~180 - it's not that bad.

from my location(EU) to Russia (Smonlensk) my ping is ~270 - absurd ehe?


so? my suggestion is: set your ping to "no limit" - trust me, nevermind and play.

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Speedtest/pingtest tell you what your ping to specific dedicated servers is. It does NOT tell you what your ping is to the host of a mission, who may have terrible internet resulting in a far slower connection between you and them. Plus you have no way to know the location of someone hosting a pub match unless you ask them every single time, so your suggestion kind of doubly fails there.


What people are asking is how the OP is measuring his ping directly to the host.


Also, the suggestion to not worry about ping is pretty @(*()$ laughable unless you don't mind having delays so bad the game becomes unplayable, you can't hit enemies or walk through doors. The problem here is that even with a ping limit set you still sometimes get connected to people with that kind of delay, which SHOULDN'T happen if the ping matchmaking worked correctly.

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