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Vox Solaris Quest Bug


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Vox Solaris Quest is still bugged. The quest allows me access to the outside and past the spider momma to the defense objective but once there, all I can do is hack it over and over. Nothing happens. Nothing triggers. It's the entrance quest to orb vallis so I have no access to it at all since the release. Fix please! It's so frustrating considering me and my group are caught up with only Vox Solaris left to complete. No way to complete the nightwaves that come out for orb vallis. No way to get passed the quest at all. 

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Vox Solaris open security gates bug. I keep hacking the panel and nothing happens. Even after the update, I keep trying to hack it but it keeps on prompting me to hack it even after I do so. Please fix it as I need to get past this quest.

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