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After a few tries of the conclave, I loved the idea! I met people trying different tactics, an Ash with a Strun Wraith, teleporting to you and shooting, or a frost hiding in snowglobe, it's fun to see what people come up with! I think if not taken competitively, PVP can be fun and frustration. I do see a potential for other things with this system up now.


New Gametypes: with PVP abilities enabled, new gametypes can be implemented, for instance.


Traitor: Everyone in the conclave selects this gametype. The mission is then chosen by the group what to go do. It will be a normal mission where everyone goes in, does thier stuff, then gets out. However, during the mission, someone is randomly chosen as the 'traitor', This person recieves a message stating that and must try to kill everyone else before they complete the mission, or they kill him. In the end, everyone is compensated for the mission with certain rare or uncommon rewards, however the winner(s) get's a slightly buffed reward for their victory.


Hunter: Three people embark on a mission, in which a single player moves about the map and tries to silently assassinate the 3 people, needing to use the element of suprise. His abilities will be removed, and he must use weapons only, however having a slightly buffed hp to compensate for no abilities.


Training Duels: Put a pillow on your weapons, and what do you get? TRAINING! You will use your weapons normally with all the buffs, however theres a catch, they do no damage. Damaging your opponent gives you points, and at the end, person with the most points win. A simple and fun little addition


Questions? Comments? Feedback? Maybe and idea of your own? Tell me what you think!

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Some great ideas, but DE stated many times that PvP will be something that is only a half-visible thing at the bottom of the list. And most players want them to focus on PvE. Would still be fun to see different game modes some day.


Adding more to PvP doesn't mean they're focus would change from PvE. I wish I could read something new and exciting for once.

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TerraNovaX: I like your ideas. They're are a bit naive, but really good actually. The traitor thing wouldn't really fit into the tenno mindset since we lost our memory, remember? It would most certainly piss off many many people here, cause majority of Warframe players are obviously grinding MMORPG victims that neither have aim nor movement skills or just don't want to fight other players for whatever reason, and it would totally victimize these people even more. I'd love that but DE probably don't have the balls do do something like this :>


All in all it reminds me about the wish of some people to play as the stalker, which has been there since the beginning. Apparently there's a classic RPG called Dark Souls, which had these game elements and has propagated this idea a lot.


From a players perspective I think it would be nice to have these options of gameplay available. If the reward would be high enough for something like your idea of Traitor mode, I think even aforementioned MMO victims would not hesitate one second to take part in something like this, cause these people don't fear no pain to get the newest hottest item.

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