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Bug / Can't invite / Can't Join in other games / Can't see Friends list


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So, maybe if you are one of these people. Two of my friends, I am going to say their names here, -Wolfey- and DOOM6508 are affected by bug that makes it where they can not play the game with other people in public, can not see friends list, and can not be invited via other people. -Wolfey- had this bug for a little over 2 months, this is where he can not play at all with anyone / Sever level Bug. DOOM6508 just now had this bug for about 5 weeks, Same bug type but can play sometimes with everyone. Both have uninstalled and Both wants to see if this can get fixed for them. 

Edit/: It was since the Empyrean update, since they had this bug

IF you are affected by this bug for the Switch Version of warframe. Go ahead and post your IGN and see if DE for the switch can get it fixed for everyone or just you.

ReEdit: Should've put this in Matching making bugs instead of UI

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