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Opticor vs Opticor Vandal inconsistent "jamming"

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We were discusiing oipticors and noticed, that there is one big inconsistency in the way they operate:

After firing opticor vandal, you can click immediately, even before the fire rate cooldown expires, and the weapon will start charging when the cooldown expires.

On plain opticor, if you click before the cooldown expires, it "jams" and you have to release the trigger, and try to click again.


I understand that this "jamming" behaviour is standard on semi-auto rifles, as you need to be able to predict the exact timing of the shots, but it's really not needed on the charge weapons like the opticor (I imagine that's the exact reason the behaviour was removed from bows at some point in the past). Removing it from plain opticor should make it feel much better and more in line with the more enjoyable vandal.

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