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Khora - Strangledome Issue


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So for a while now my friend has had an issue where some enemies don't get snared by strangledome. It does seem that later into a mission's duration it becomes more frequent, however it's not a level related issue because it happens consistently across multiple planets. We've tested multiple situations and can't find the reason. So far we've eliminated the following possible issues/fixes.

It's not a specific enemy type.
It's not because of nullifiers.
It's not due to all points of the dome already holding an enemy.
It's not due to drone shielding/protection.
It's not due to walls/clipping issues.
It's not due to levels of enemies.
It's not fixed by re-applying a new dome.
It's not an issue with allied frames/abilities.
It's not an issue with range of Khora.

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I see it happen a lot in fissure missions. For sure I know it happens with some already converted enemies that get too close and should be tied up. I'm not sure about ones that bamf in as that's more chaotic and I'm more likely to whack them with melee immediately.

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