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Missing Avionics


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Today I got a 96 avionics capacity reactor (yay!!) and disassembled my railjack's equipped reactor for the parts to build it. Afterwards I went to check if an avionic I was hunting for had dropped last mission and noticed to my horror that all of the integrated avionics I had equipped on my railjack were neither equipped anymore (expected) nor in my inventory (not expected). They appeared to have been lost to the void. It got my heart pumping even more when exiting and reentering the dojo did nothing to prompt their return.

Thankfully, restarting the client caused them to reappear in my inventory. By that point I was half-way through submitting a report ticket, and I'll have to swallow the kidney that I had choked up in my panic.

You guys might want to take a peek at this.

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