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R.I.P warframe


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R.I.P Warframe 
for me im done with warframe 
for eight months ago ...
i play solo i cant join any squad cant invite anyone .
i have tried everything and didnt work i submmited alot of tickets but they never help me to fix it .
from now i will not play warframe again .
support team always say check your nat... hard reset console .... disable ipv6 .
This is a common problem. Do not tell us to change NAT to open, do not tell us to disable IPv6. This is your problem. this is your servers your connections.. My nat type is open, my PIv6 disabled. This is you, and you only.. All other games like thousind of them work on my , XB ONE . No problems found, so please dont wash hands from it telling us to disable IPV6 or change NAT type.. This issue is from you and it have been going on for quiet long time. If this continues, im gonna have to say byew to Warframe.. Too bad.. Please ADRESS TO THIS ISSUE LIKE PROFESSIONALS AND FIX IT. This is not NAT type error, nor it is IPv6.

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