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Idea: Arch-Guns providing optional advantages to certain boss battles.


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This might just be because I've been playing the game for so long that I had beaten the entire star map before the Gravimag was ever a thing and I don't know or realize how easy or otherwise it is for new players to gain access to it relative to the rest of the starmap, but thinking back to the way Profit-Taker was immune to all damage except that of an arch-gun made me consider the implications of applying that principle to other bosses as well. How effective it would actually be would probably vary by weapon and/or boss, but in short what if using Arch-Guns on some bosses with invulnerability phases let you actually bypass their invulnerability to an extent to deal direct damage to the boss, or perhaps damage and incapacitate a part of the boss that you would otherwise be unable to do anything about.

Aside from the obvious notion of letting future bosses incorporate the Arch-Gun into their fighting strategy, I had kinda envisioned this being used for such situations as directly damaging Jackal's torso while not knocked down, damaging Sargas Ruk's heat sinks while they're not yet open, or damaging Vay Hek's head when his face isn't exposed and shouting, or perhaps in the latter's case being able to temporarily the arms and/or jetpack of his Terra Frame. Basically it would mostly be considered a reward for those re-visiting old star map bosses after having already unlocked the Arch-Gun (perhaps for veteran Clans grinding old bosses for Pigments?) and hopefully not just be a means of rendering most entire boss sequences moot for new players.

 I will admit this is not the best idea I've had or posted here, heck, this probably isn't even a good idea, but I just figured there'd be no harm in sparking discourse on the concept of letting arch-guns damage certain things you wouldn't normally be able to damage without necessarily making it a requirement for the fight, and the potential consequences thereof. So, any thoughts or ideas?

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