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  1. I just figured it was Grandmother as a child before she rose through the social heirarchy as she grew older using similar powers of observation and leveraging of secrets. Given her role in the Entrati family's reconciliation it's kinda on-brand for her, plus how else would she have known what the girl did given the limited scope of witnesses to her actions?
  2. Excalibur's Codex entry lore indicates that it was the first Warframe. Whether that means normal, Prime, or Umbral excalibur is a matter of debate.
  3. Sounds like a passive feature for a specific weapon rather than a mod.
  4. Considering we exterminated the Orokin I doubt we'd be too keen on reintroducing them to the Origin system.
  5. There's no "opposite polarity" system in place though. And I'm pretty sure most mod loadouts wouldn't offer enough room or variety to not just turn this into arbitrary nerfs.
  6. I'm down for Orbiter/Dojo Garden and Dojo Aquarium room. Gotta have one big enough to fit ALL the fish in the game.
  7. Mutalist Corinth as a "hive gun"? Sign me up.
  8. I feel like there are lore reasons why we can't/shouldn't give Kuva to the Helminth.
  9. Does this one have an Operator-exclusive sub-faction too? Perhaps a hermit weaponsmith or Sentient pariah who has a lot of Sentient-killer technology on hand that they now have no use for?
  10. That's actually a lot better. Still not sure I understand the topic of the first paragraph, but that's more of a grammar/phrasing choice thing than a formatting thing. Something about Deimos not being what you expected? Idk- I got the part of less humanoid enemies, they did repeatedly say in devstreams beforehand that they were planning on adding more original Infestation enemies that weren't just infested versions of extant enemies. And you kinda do get reputation for slaying Infested hordes in the form of Father tokens earned by trading in resources dropped by said enemies. We do have
  11. The wall of text that is your main post is in serious need of some paragraph breaks (can only make out something about adding For Honor-style duels) but dude go use those artworks for something original because they're awesome enough to stand on their own and most importantly have nothing at all to do with the lore or aesthetic of Warframe.
  12. I like the idea of Sentients living up to their namesake and choosing to seek a peaceful existence in Origin without the threat of the Orokin coming over to screw Tau more than I probably should.
  13. As others have said, not likely to happen for just any Shawzin given DE doesn't lock mechanical buffs behind paywalls anymore, but I could totally see a Shawzin musician Frame (male counterpart to Octavia, perhaps?) who has either an exalted Shawzin or just an ability/passive that lets you play one of a number of short riffs on their personal Shawzin to trigger certain buffs/effects, or perhaps a "mode change" of sorts.
  14. I'm thoroughly convinced that Revenant/Warden Prime will just keep Revenant's current moveset but with a Corrupted theme instead of a Sentient one, i.e. Thralls are marked by Corrupted masks instead of Vomvalysts, Danse Macabre is based more on a Death Orb than the Sentient laser spin, etc.
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