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  1. Nothing major, just a minor change to make your choice of Warframe matter slightly more when it comes to Lich generation and make different Lich encounters slightly more unique in the process.
  2. Honestly once they finish with whatever big update comes next they really do need to take the time to go back through and "zip up" old content to make it and the new stuff fit together better. QoL updates, story/quest rewrites, probably some changes made to help enforce pacing in the story quests so new players can't just breeze through to the end without fully understanding everything they passed over, honestly even if it puts a moratorium on new content for a while it would still be nice to see old content improved and revisited as "new" content to make for a better game experience overall.
  3. What if Kuva Liches got their Progenitor Warframe's Helminth ability at the appropriate level? Don't know whether or not Corpus Queenpins would have a similar concept in their creation, but I still think it would be an interesting way to make your choice of Progenitor Warframe have more impact on your Lich than cosmetic shoulder plate and element choice.
  4. A recurring complaint I have heard about Railjack is that it doesn't exactly explain how everything works outside of the Wiki or Forums. Now that Railjack functionalities won't be locked behind Intrinsics levels anymore, now's as good a time as any to introduce a sort of "tutorial" mission on Earth Proxima that's just Cephalon Cy walking you through the Railjack's functionalities- where everything is and how it works, when you'll need it, etc. Enemies would either not spawn in this mission, just be simulated targets for you to aim at, or perhaps a crippled Grineer crewship would warp in nea
  5. We have this already, it's called the Index. As others have mentioned, the Corpus are the only faction with any resemblance to a stock market, and it turns out stock trading is done via blood sport.
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