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__Short Lich Guide__



As per title. 
Since there is remarkable number of people still lacks the basic knowledge, my small contribution. 
My credentials are 18 hunted liches (and counting), still if you want to contribute or correct, feel free.

Getting preferred weapon:
Play Cassini, capture. 2 minute per mission usually. 1/16 chance to get the desired weapon. On average 40 minutes but feels and can be much longer. 
Getting desired element: Pick proper progenitor warframe. Details on Kuva Lich Wiki
Best elements: Unless hunting for something specific, Pick Toxic, Fire or Electric. 
Best weapons, if you prefer to sell lich: Bramma, Nukor. 

Farming Murmur:
Each player starts 1 mission, you can start more but no less. This is not mandatory but polite thing to do. 
Missions to avoid: Defection, Excavation, Spy, on higher lich level, even Rescue. Lua tileset entirely. 
Best missions: Survival, Sabotage, Defense. Most of missions are acceptable, preferably of longer type unless mentioned up.
When lich arrives, let him convert more thralls. Maximum you can get it 10 per mission and 10 from lich (if he comes too early they will count to cap)
When to attempt Parazon: After you collect 2 hints preferably. Soon as you get first place, you know everything. 
No lich theoretically should level over lvl 4 - and you must miss all 3 attempts for this to happen
(miss first place, then miss first place again, then miss second place. After that you know combo)
Remember, lich won't level if you just club him to death three times and not attempt parazon combo. 

Convert, vanquish?
Converted liches will remain as your pals. They will sometimes come to aid, when you die in mission and you can sell them.  
(recomended companion: radiation nukor lich) You won't get their weapons but you will keep their ephemera, even if you sell them.
Vanquish: You get weapon and ephemera. 
Lich prices: Vary depending on ephemera weapon type and bonus but in general you can expect 50-500 plat. 
Weapon Bonuses: 25-60%

Weapons Valance transfer: You overwrite old weapon with new element, you get LARGER bonus of both weapons multiplied by 1.1 - which is usually around 4%.
Example: You had old Kuva Kohm with 27% fire. Your new Kohm is 44% toxic. Your Old kohm after transfer will be toxic, 48% (44+4). You keep name and invested formas.

That's all, If I remember anything useful, I'll add it. Ty and happy hunting. 

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