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Please keep The Dev Team Update Videos After Quarantine Ends


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I have found that my favorite part of every Devstream since everyone started working from home is the dev team update compilation video shown.
I'd personally love to see this stick around after quarantine ends.

If you're with me, drop a comment below!

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I like this idea!

Just at the end of each 2nd devstream a short video-clip about how things are going/what they are working on. (Of course only if they can show present something sorta interesting - like cats or dogs... or a complete truck if it gets finished...oh or something about Warframe, sure, why not^^') 
It is nice to get to see a few of the very many diverse faces of the dev-team 😄 

Atm 2 people really surprised me (but I loved every other clip too of course, so much joy&fun^^):

and (Meme-Assistant) to Reb Ford:


this is not a coincidence o.o


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