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Aeris is a male wind based frame. He has 100 health, 75 armor, 125 shields, and 1.1 run speed. 

His abilities are: 


1) Air Cannon: Aeris creates a small projectile of air to strike a single target.

-> Basically Soul Punch, scales to the same damage, and deals Physics Impact damage. This ability costs 25 energy.


2) Whirlwind: Aeris manipulates the wind around him, staggering and slowing enemies. 

-> Not a mobile ability. Only staggers on cast, and slow scales to that of Snow GlobeThis ability costs 50 energy.


3) Compression: Aeris compresses the air, shielding nearby allies.

-> This ability follows Aeris, much like Ember's World on Fire. Like Snow Globe, it stops all projectiles. However, it has a much shorter duration and a smaller radius. It also gives 40% damage reduction to all within the radius. This ability costs 75 energy.


4) GaleAeris creates gale-force winds, allowing him to move faster and throw his enemies.

-> This ability creates a gale for X radius for X seconds. Aeris is sped up by X percent while the ability is active. The gale staggers enemies, then throws them upward, dealing X Physics Impact damage as well as Fall damage on landing.


For those of you worried about balance: Aeris is mean to be a mobile support tank, and even though he has caster abilities, he is meant to help other players. This means he will also need to be in the thick of the action. He has below-average armor for a tank, average health, slightly below-average shields, but a higher run speed. 


Please post CONSTRUCTIVE comments, and I will do my best to reply. You may post suggestions as well, and feel free to draw him, as I lack artistic ability. However, be civil. I know this is the Internet, but this is not the place for trolling. No flame wars please, no off-topic comments, no direct personal insults, and represent the community well.

               -UpgradeInProgress, A.K.A. Upgrade.

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