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Have you tried purchasing Rixty points through the website itself or one of their partners. I bought points for a bit less through one of their partners and I was able to spend it on Warframe, and the purchase was completed with Credit Card.

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Rixty has been a pain for me as well.  I'm not even sure how to enter my cc information on Rixty.com.  Their website said they had Rixty cards at the Kmart near me, but they did not.  


The Green Dot MoneyPaks seem like a terrible deal.  You pay an extra $4.95 at time of purchase, and they refund you back 4.95 on your Rixty account when you enter the code.  WTF AM I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH $4.95! when the cheapest platinum package is $5.  


Tomorrow I'm going to throw $5 worth of quarters in a coinstar machine, and hopefully get a code out of that.  I'm just glad that this is a one time thing, I won't be using Rixty again.

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