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PS4 Role-playing Discord Group!

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Are you wanting to role-play in game, bit struggle with the annoying typing limits in game? Join our Discord Warframe Roleplayers! 

Join Here: https://discord.gg/kBkHY7

So how does it work? Simple. Use the Roleplay Thread to type your actions and spoken words as your character. We then act it out in game as a group. Romance and friendships are allowed to bloom, but keep it clean. Anything possibly inappropriate must be through private messages. 

Our group is casual but fun. There's no judgement and RPers of all skill are permitted!

Bring your character to life! And welcome to the Warframe Roleplayers!

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Posted (edited)

First question: link is expired. If you are recruiting, please provide a permanent invite


second, could you please provide more information about your rp?



3rd: how many people are in this Rp currently?

Edited by (PS4)Razor9045

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