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Hi everyone from Digital Extremes! Not sure if this is the right place to post this but just wanted to say thank you. I recently streamed TennoCon 2020 Relay on Twitch and was looking to get access to some of the drops, at least the hand cannon featured with Hydroid Prime. To my surprise, I ended up getting Hydroid Prime as well! Much appreciation and gratitude, for the fan service and everything you all do, to make WarFrame accessible to every fan! Thanks again.


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Because of the server overload (over 300K people tuning in) They gave everything to everyone who was registered as watching the stream. Which is awesome! 🙂

Enjoy your Hydroid Prime, he can be a game changer for a lower level player who doesn't have a good survival/defense AOE character, the Athodai changed my game for the better. Make sure to grab yourself a pilfering swarm mod for your Hydroid Prime as soon as you can find one! 

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