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Small Focus System Expansion Idea

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A little setup: Ever since the self damage removal and AoE changes making them stagger, using a Shraksun scaffold has been....annoying. Sometimes it staggers you, sometimes it doesn't, even at the same range and hitting nothing with it. This got me looking at changing out for a new amp entirely but then finding no other combination really met what I wanted out of my amp. This got me thinking about ways to solve the stagger problem that is prominent, though maybe not unique, to Shraksun. 

I propose a small addition to the five focus trees: a third waybound focus added to each tree, so we could unlock these passives for every tree.

Most relevant to the problem that sparked this thought would be adding an anti-stagger to Unairu (call it Basilisk Stance or something, idk) that would give us 100% self stagger resist, and a partial resist to enemy induced stagger such as 40-60% to keep it more universally relevant. This gives an operator a Sure Footed effect without needing to sacrifice a precious Magus slot or overhaul other systems.

I haven't given the other trees as much thought, but to keep in line with the other tree's passives (and some actives to keep with themes):

  • Madurai: Amp/void damage seems perfectly viable here, as the other waybounds improve amp function, and the tree itself has passives that give damage bonuses.
  • Naramon: Jump improvements, either by increasing the default height, or possibly a double jump that consumes operator energy? The current waybounds improve your mobility, and I find myself wanting just a little more out of an operator's jump. Could also increase sprinting speed, but feels less helpful over-all, especially in missions. Perhaps a passive dodge chance?
  • Vazarin: Passive personal shields. Operators only have access to health and can buff the bulk somewhat significantly, but now with shield gating this could open up lots of different play styles as well while keeping with the theme of boosting operator survivability and tieing in the many +shield actives the tree offers.
  • Zenurik: Operator ability efficiency, EX: void dashing and blasts cost less to use. Could extend to other abilities I don't see many people use because of the costs when they'd rather just dash more or stay invisible longer.

This might be a little heavy handed for such a small spark. Yes we could probably just get Shraksun tweaked itself to solve the immediate problem, however its not the only explosive amp that could effect you, now and in the future. This idea also gets us a little bit more to do with focus, future proofs some problems, and freshens up some gameplay.

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