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Warframe Concept - Mirrors


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This being my fourth concept, I'm kind of sucked dry from ideas.

I've recently thought of this new warframe concept which I'm not too sure will bode well, due to not having much abilities or concepts of it thought out yet.

I'll be adding more stuff to this post as I move along, and of course, from the suggestions down below.

Please try to add criticism and not just "lul gewd job +9000"


Without further ado,



Warframe Concept

Mirror/Reflection Frame

Name Ideas: Mimic(current namehold), Replica, Aemula, Facade, Kathreptis, Ozet(Turkish),

Gender: Either, doesn't matter to me.

Base Stats:

Health: 95

Shields: 100

Armor: 45

Energy: 180

Shield Recharge: 35.0s

Sprint: 1.175

Polarities: x4 17px-Ability.png, x1 18px-V.png, x1 19px-Bar.png

Aura Polarity: 19px-Bar.png




1) Mirror Image - 25 Energy

Mimic deploys a double-sided mirror in front of him. It's primary purpose is to create a copy of whatever enemy walks into its effective range. Once an enemy has been replicated, they will start shooting out from the mirror at whatever enemy gets too close to it. Only a maximum of two enemies spawned per mirror is possible (one per side), no mods can change that (there won't be enough space!).



2) Reflector Array - 50 Energy

Mimic spawns three mirrors in a concave (facing outward) format in front of him. Any enemy or allied projectiles that hit these mirrors will cause them to ricochet and additionally will cause the mirrors to spin depending on current spin speed and projectile impact. Effected by duration mods.



3) Return to Sender - 50 Energy

Mimic flips the mirror panels on his suit, giving it a reflective, mirror appearance. For the duration of this ability, Mimic is able to reflect damage he receives back to his attackers, but is unable to use any other powers during this time.



4) Smoke and Mirrors - 100 Energy

Mimic disappears in a fog of smoke, only for a circle of mirrors to appear around his initial position. Enemies that wander in or are caught inside the circle will try to inspect the mirrors. When enemies wander too close, they will be grabbed by their counterparts and "pulled" into the mirrors, trapping them. After a mirror has "captured" an enemy, that Mirror is marked and flips around. Mimic is concealed within the smoke for the duration of this ability, and cannot attack while inside the fog. Moving outside the circle is possible, however it will cancel Mimic's invisibility. Once a certain time has passed, the fog will clear and any mirrors that have not captured any enemies will become cover. Mirrors that have captured enemies will project an image of mimic and will begin shooting at enemies, drawing aggression. These mirrors have a set HP like Saryn's molt and can also expire after a set amount of time.


Note: Enemies that are not killed by being captured will be thrown out (cannot be recaptured) and will be knocked down.



So yeah, it's really hard to implement this frame idea because there isn't really any "Direct" damage gameplay with this frame, it's more about luring your enemies into death, assuming more of a 'tactical' offensive.

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