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5 Bugs - Fortuna, Trading, Rep Visual, Exploiter Orb Fortuna Visual.


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Hey. I got 5 bugs to report.


1- First one is in Fortuna.

Often, I cannot press escape. As in, pressing it does nothing here. This frequently happens after a profit taker mission, but not always. I have some suspicion it has something to do with something in the little duck room. Bonus suspicion is having multiple people queuing up the mission at the right moment or doing different things, but definitely achievable solo.



Replication- I spent a while trying to replicate this. Like, 10-30 mins with no success. Then, I tabbed out, wrote this, and tabbed back in.... and I couldn't press escape. Bingo.


Alt-Tabbing out of Warframe in Fortuna can lead to being unable to press escape in any shape or form! There may be other methods of replication but I hope this helps


Solution currently I have to this one is I have to literally leave Fortuna, or reload the game. Entering Orb Vallis fixes this.

The first one happens a lot and is the most frustrating to myself and my friends.




2 - Second one is a trading bug I had. I could not trade another player Titania Prime blueprint, which requires MR2, while they were MR5.

Unsure of replication

Solution to this issue that I had was trading it to a different player, who was then able to trade it to the first player.

I've only had the trade issue this one time. 



3 - Third bug is Rep on Earth.

I do a lot of hunting on earth, and if I earn 20k rep, it'll show that I have 20k rep + 20k when I leave the mission, totalling to 40k.

 This is a purely visual bug, as when I leave, I have the original 20k only.

The rep issue always happens but don't really mind it too much.



4 - Another visual bug, this time back on Fortuna. 

After fighting Exploiter Orb, the minions that she spawns will coolant on her back occasionally spawned (1) for myself or my friends inside of Fortuna, invisible to everyone else besides one person. Cat tries to fight it. It doesn't hurt. It stands there attacking. Not a very important or meaningful bug. 



5 - One final Fortuna Profit Taker bug. Possibly has similarities to starting up the first bug.

Sometimes I'll queue up a mission, and for some reason. my friend won't see it at all. Can't accept it. In these cases I normally have to leave squad. Not much more to be said here. Not sure whether it's happened because he's in the airlock to transition still, or if he's not left it yet, or if we queue it up at the same time.



I hope this helps? All of these besides 2 I've seen multiple times. Some more than others.

If there's anything else I can do let me know but I can't think of any other information that would help. This is my first post, so sorry if it's a lot at once, or anything I was supposed to do different.





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