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Excalibur damage bug - up to the infinity!


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So I decided to lvl up for the mastery MK1 weapons, and for Bo and Furax I went excalibur, due to his passive. Game was smooth, playing void def on Helene while farming levels with affinity booster, when I noticed one thing... I started dealing too much damage than I should.

It started with normal damage, but as the game went further - my dmg was increasing, like snowball effect. In the end my nearly-unmodded melee weapons were dealing millions of damage, I could one shot every nox or barricade. It may be bug related to Exalibur's 3rd ability augument, maybe that increased damage stacks into infinity.


In next game I picked MK1-Furax as my weapon, gone 3 AS mods, and the same story - from ~300 damage at 1 wave, to millions at wave 20.

I've tried to replicate the bug in Simulacrum, and managed to easily slaughter lv130 Heavy Gunners with the same furax build. It seems his dmg ramps up as the game goes or with every augumented 3 usage. When I entered Arsenal in Simulacrum, my damage went back to basic.


Here are screenshots that might help (post-game screen of that furax-def mission, furax build, excalibur build)

https://imgur.com/BN27qzK  mission results, mk1-furax mvp

https://imgur.com/dS9FM0b  mk1 furax build (3 attack speed mods on fists to bring some JoJo)

https://imgur.com/ZvNk8Gv  excalibur build

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