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Suggestion For a Nightwave Theme


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I have a suggestion for the a Nightwave that might help,  A Corpus profiteer themed Nightwave that is involves the enemy sending in drone which don't go after the Tenno but instead focuses on attempting to loot the place while the Tenno are busy fighting the enemy.  These drones AI will have them move up to nearby crates and lockers to loot them of their valuables before moving on.  Once they have managed to get enough loot then they will attempt to despawn just as the Parvos Treasurer does.  If they are killed then they will drop their collected spoils but to make things harder they all don't spawn in as a group but as multiple groups around the Tenno. 

The acts of the Nightwave can be the Tenno finding the various hordes of this character and being given a choice of whether to keep the all the loot for yourself, taking back what was stolen from you or giving it all back to the colonists who were robbed.

If you need a suggestion for what goal he could be working up to then he could be trying to buy his way onto the board.


Hope this helps.  Please continue making a great game for us all to enjoy.

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