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New open world idea and new faction


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Since we're heading out from the sun on our open world journey (sorry mercury)


Mars has deimos open world, so ceres is next.


This could happen on ceres itself or on a new location in the asteroid belt .

This new location could be a cobbled together artificial planetoid made up of smaller asteroids in the asteroid belt. Fused together with a new strain technocyte technology (that is NOT the infested which imitate life). This one imitates mechanical items, so it restructures matter into technical objects. (this could be very old orokin tech, maybe pre-infested that was somehow lost or shut down)

Somehow somebody now finds this old tech and goes about using it for gain (very corpus).

However upon activating it off course they lose control of it, it becomes autonomous (probably the very reason it was shut down ages ago). It's very different to the infestion however, it may be linked to cephalon tech in some way.


This planetoid is uses a lubricant synthetic oil en-masse (which is effectively it's water)  you can swim through it however very slowed down (new archwing underwater through viscous medium). This AI technocyte then goes about restructing all the other asteroid matter into robots and tech, etc to set up shop. 

faction wise it would HATE the infestation as it would consider it a perverstion of it's paradigm.

It may or may not know about sentients , it may or may not care about the grineer , and what it thinks about tenno is yet to be seen, depends on it's shifting morality and reasons for being. It IS however motivated in some way. Thats up to DE to sort that :)

Since the CORPUS reanimated it, and owns and controls robots, it will either think they're an oppressor or an ally.



Just an idea.







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