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Panzer Vulpaphyla Bugs


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im starting this thread, because some interactions with Viral Quills of the Panzer Vulpaphyla are bugged. Feel free to list other bugs readers have noticed in this thread. 


First one I want to talk about is khora, and I have some pictures because its specific. To keep it short, Viral quills doesnt work while enemies are in strangedome. And it's not that it misses(which would be an AI problem) but that when it does hit, it wont create any spores. Ive repeated this multiple times, and its not just the RNG of it messing with me, enemies seem to be unable to be efffected by viral quills while on strangledome. But they can still recieve spores from other enemies if they have spores. 


Picture of enemy on strangledome, not taking viral quills


Enemies taking viral quills normally(with ensnare, so works with other ability):


After strangledoming enemies, look at enemy across the map:



Now look at enemy, but from the previous spored' group, it can spread on strangledome, just cant start on strangledome for an unknown reason



I wouldnt know why this is happening but that seems to be the bug making viral quills not work on khora. 



Second bug would be by saryn, its the fact that spores have a priority. Pretty much first one goes. If viral spores on enemy, they cant recieve corrosive spores, and vice versa. Saryn's ability shouldnt interfere with the pet's ability. They are two different spores.


Besides these there are some good, like octavia and mag(for mag tho why use a pet for viral when you have weapons? well it is an option).

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