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Fortuna crashing alot on xbox


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Sorry if I put the wrong title I'm not sure on what to put exactly. But on time the point 

Doing anything in fortuna while in a group just seems to crash almost everyone in the squad at some point

Profit taker crash (mostly loading in at elevator)

Exploiter orb crash(mostly after you do the inside phase and head outside)

Thermia fractures crash. (About 2 mins in and people crash) along with not getting thermia every time it's full (probably related to me being in a mech at the time of gathering it)

Just going into the world crash. (Elevator crash)

Very rarely will it work fine in group's. Everything usually works fine solo but groups forget it.

Certain parts of the map missing textures to the point its just a giant hole in the ground.

How much longer is fortuna gonna stay this way if I was a new player this would turn me away so quickl

And no it wasn't always like this it used to work extremely well but as of recently the last few months or so just have been horrible buggy broken mess.

I just want fortuna to be better I personally love fortuna the most and its just heart breaking to see it in such a bad shape.

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Yep I am getting that too.

Aside from the bad lag from XBOX anywise....yes i play both PC and XBOX and it is noticeable and annoying on XBOX.

In this case I am losing progress and going backwards way too much.

As in I too am trying to do Thermi\a Fractures.....its already annoying you join players who not doing them.....why the heck do you have a Thermia Fracture Join box if you do not join Thermia Fracture Missions....???  BAD DESIGN DE or it needs a repair.

So after doing 16 fractures and leveling up to level 29.  The host leaves or maybe they crash.......the migration happens...and instead of going back to the planet....it says instead it failed to connect....send me back tot he orbiter....with a failed mission and I was not only rolled back to as if I didnt do anything.....but nothing was collected....no experiencer gained even......rolled back asll the way.    Wasted a good 2 hours of time.

On my PC do I suffer from that...not like that.....AGAIN....NEEDS TO BE REPAIRED on XBOX.

Its weird...i almost think that Microsoft is deliberatly making the connection really bad for warframe.

Oh and i see i still fall through the textures if i attempt to use the hover boardf too much with other players hosting the game.

And can do it with the necromech as well.

Except the necromech going to operator form falling through the textures i can use the archwing...fly under the textures and such...if i get a landing spot i can use unstuck to get back.  Hoverboard still makes you have to abort as you are permanently stuck on the board and falling...and the unstuck command in that mode wont put you on a correctly area.

Thinking some of this might be due to the host and not being synched.

I asked before a while back that their should be a synch command added to make the game synch as needed....but i noticed a bunch of people saying it was not needed and such...wondering if they use certain programs and lag switches and such....as a synch program would make those fail and cause them to crash.

But it would load stuff and make things a bit more stable.

Had the synch command on a another game i played a while back worked very well when you got stuck or couldnt click things or fell through textures.



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