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Lernaean Hydra (warframe idea)


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4th ability hydra) transform into a hydra, you have 4 heads, your abilities get 10% stronger you can only use abilities and your heads are your weapons in this form, so all abilities are free of energy but you energy drain increases 2 energy per second (cannot be changed by efficiency) each use each head does 50 damage energy drain 6 energy per second, you also take 15% less damage because your skin is hard

3rd ability poison blood) when you take damage your blood spills on the ground as a poisonous area, 3 meter radius for 5 seconds, 50 damage per second

2nd ability regeneration) you heal 2 health per second for 8 seconds

1rst ability poison gas) take a hydra head from your back to breath out poison gas in a 8 meter radius for 8 seconds, 30 damage per second

passive) when ever a hydra head kills 3 enemies within 5 seconds wither your in your hydra form or a poison gas attack you get 2 energy per second for 4 seconds (cannot stack) can be used during energy drain

maxed stats, 450 health, 300 shield, 450 armor, 1.05 sprint speed

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