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Bugs in The Second Dream quest


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While doing "The Second Dream" Quest, I came across two bugs:

The first one happened when I had to destroy the Pendula.

After the first one is destroyed, for some reason, the Security Eye stopped attaching me. There was no way to make it active again. There were no enemies and nothing to do. After exhausting all options, I just abandoned the mission.

On the second attempt, an issue happened while I was activating the compasses.

After successfully activating all three, the objective pointer (the yellow one), was updated for the next part of the mission. But I was killing some enemies, and finding loot, and then a new objective pointer appeared for a compass. The original one for the rest of the mission was still active as well.

I was able to recharge all three compasses for the second time, but then, the green "end-of-mission" pointer appeared, along with the first yellow next mission pointer.

When I followed them, I reached the Pendula, the red target pointers showed, but the green end-of-mission one was still active, and I was able to follow it, instead of destroying the Pendula, effectively bypassing that part of the mission. I had a first run where I managed to destroy only three before being killed, so I didn't try to do it :-D.

I then finished the mission. I killed the drone, but the option to just go to extraction was available.

I'm not sure if this would be helpful to find a fix.

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