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Hall of Mirrors is currently unaffected by strength, and has broken values for even if it was


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Currently hall of mirrors is completely unaffected by strength effects and does your current weapons base damage with double critical/status chance
Compared to previous values before this bug of 40% damage, and 40% critical and status chance per 100 strength this is way off giving you an effective 250 strength for the damage portion of the transferred stats and a 500 effective strength for critical/status chance bonuses which is odd
This bug doesn't appear to change anything else with the ability as buffs work fine as long as they're cast on HoM doppelgangers and Eclipse/damage arcanes/acolyte style mods still don't buff the abilities damage output in any way but it's always been like that...

Also if you do fix the ability please fix the ability description sometime, the current values haven't represented it's stats properly for a few years it would be nice to show off it's crit/status chance affecting properties in the description of the ability as well to help out newer players as well as changing the 20% to 40% 


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