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Plains of Eidolon Mission Failure


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So I was playing on the Plains of Eidolon Free Roam mission. I joined up on 3 other people and we were about to start fighting the 1st Teralyst Boss at night. We started the fight. We gathered a bunch of Eidolon Lures and activated them. One guy left mid-fight and since he was a host, it migrated to a new host. After that, the Teralyst regained the void shield. We were damaging it when a new guy joined. He basically melted him and killed him. We activated the 2nd Teralyst and I got a few more Eidolon Lures. We fought him for the remaining time and we struggled a bit. 3 of us completely died, or ran out of lives, and were spectating. The last one died once and we all decided to return back to Cetus to at least get the rewards. The last guy came back to Cetus. Everyone else got a mission complete and got their rewards while I got a mission failure and didn't get anything. I needed the Shard of Eidolon and Sentient Cores, so I was a bit upset. I feel like this is a bug so I posted it here in case anyone else has that issue and possibly get this issue resolved. I have no idea if this link will work, but it's the screenshot that I posted on Steam of the people I was with and the mission failure screen. My name on Steam, here, and Warframe is all Plinxzenk. Thank you.


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