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Bizarre invasion portal


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Um I just experienced something like portal 2 during an invasion mission.

When you put two portals ,one on top of the other ,then walk into it ,and infinitely fly in the portal.

I heard weird portal sounds ,my screen was turning black ,then turning on and off continually 

Couldn't see anything , couldn't use abilities

I couldn't even push the pause button. 

My Warframe was spazzing out too.

I would hear normal missions sounds too ,heavy landings , weapon sounds ,and music. 


But I was respawning in front of the portal then being sucked into it before I could do anything.

The portal took up an entire area of  a corpus  doorway .

It was on saturn ,the current invasion mission Corpus vs grineer. I picked corpus. It was on a corpus map.

Before this occurred I heard a big explosion then the alarms.



Then it happened a second time.

This time I was able to see the other side ,and get through it ,via using slow-mo and stopping. I was able to stand at the edge of the doorway right after you go through the portal. I'm still on the side with the portal.

It's like unfinished map. Un-detailed area  ,looked like a sad Archwing mission. There were no walls. Just space with a door several meters ahead in space.

It looked like you were supposed to fly to the other side. There were like buildings or hulls of the corpus map. Stuff you'd see in space.

But you couldn't get to it because it would respawn you,  if you walked off the edge of the doorway.

Then ,I went back through the original entry way.

Everything was locked. And there was no glass ,I could jump into space ,but get respawned back.

The second time I was able to explore around the portal doorway ,I wouldn't get immediately sucked in , unless I ran right up to it. It had like a storage container next to it ,that was rocking back and forth because of the suction or pull of the portal. I couldn't continue the mission ,since the objective was on the other side 

When I went through , the thing as the first time happened again.

The pattern of the screen slowly turning black and making rhythmic sounds. It sort of sounded and looked like it was meant to happen. The first time I thought some cinematic would happen. Because it happened so smoothly. 


My brother experienced this on an invasion mission on Uranus also.

I was in a squad both times. I had to quit the game via picking a different game ,then getting back on.

I couldn't pause my game during the infinite respawn loop.

The portal is blue ,and looks legit.


Okay so apparently I think what I saw was a teleporter. But ,that still doesn't clear up what happened or why. I have learned that the invasion teleporter has been glitchy for years.

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