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Warframe Launcher Black Screened?


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Hello Tenno community,

I recently purchased a new laptop. It's an MSI Alpha 15 A3DC, and it's certainly an upgrade to my previous Lenovo Yoga 520. Since my Warframe was stored on an external hard drive, I was able to install steam and play the game instantaneously. Whilst this was good for the most part, every time I have booted up the game on my MSI, the launcher is entire black, with only the language, settings, minimize and close options being visible at the very top right. Below is a screenshot of what I am experiencing:

Though before, there was a workaround with waiting for the game to update (rather, check for updates), bypass the prompt requesting me to speed up load times and trim wasted hard drive space, flail my mouse around blindly as I attempted to find the 'Play' button, and click it. The game would launch, and I haven't had and problems in game. However, recently, I'm not sure whether there's been an update or something, because it took over an hour at one stage to no avail, and I can how hear certain sound effects in the launcher when I hover over what should be buttons (such as at the top, with the news). I reinstalled the entire game last night, yet today I got up and realised to my dismay that the launcher is still exactly like this! Does anybody know what I can do?


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