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Damage UI Tick rework (additional option)


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Being a saryn+smite enthusuast, ui gets so crowded that i can't even see the enemy anymore xD

(i'd post a picture cuz it's actually hillarious, the amount of gas ticks, but i have not taken it)


I tried disabling ticks in the options, but now i don't know wheter my hits hit or not, if they crit, how much damage am i dealing, ecc.


so, 2 reworked options to be added:

- "cumulative" damage tick

this option updates the tick before by adding the damage dealt. works well with multishots, as you can actually see the total damage. fades away normally, the new one starts from zero like they currently do.


-"max number" of damage ticks

this option has a limited number of tick that can be displayed.

WF should already have it, but it needs to be lower. It is the worst of the 2, and is intended as an adjustable version of the current system, where players can define how many ticks can be displayed at once, either by removing the past ones or not showing the new ones until the old ones have been faded away.



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