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Clan Sigils Not Displaying on Operator.


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I have started to play around with operator cosmetics and have noticed that the clan sigils don't display our clan logo when they are applied to my operator. I have tested both the Guilded and Glyphed Clan Sigils on several of my warframes and the seem to display our clan emblem as intended. However, when I went to apply the sigil to my operator, it only displayed the placeholder image for the clan emblem.

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On 2021-01-12 at 2:44 PM, justin_sayne1 said:

I'd like to add a +1 to this.  I've also tried the Phased Clan Sigil.  It only displays the placeholder image on the Operator.  (Displays fine via sigil everywhere else. Also displays fine via Emblems on pets and Necramechs, and flags in Clan hall.)

One of the more recent graphics updates seems to have foxed this problem for my operator/account/computer

Check if it is still a problem present on your end.

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