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Normal Play Banshee


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Can someone give me a good example of banshee build for normal use?, she so squishy that it's hard for me to use her in some "a little bit high level" content? Like lv 70-ish enemy in some content like free roam orbs valis and cetus or kuva lich dealt damage like a ton of S#&$ to banshee, and when I said normal use it was to use it like a normal warframe, use weaponry like gun, utilize skill etc. Not just do a melee attack, A lot of guide I see just use her savage silince (which's so boring) or keep spaming melee with sonar and infused sleep (equinox) or shooting star (mesa).

I'm not aiming to play her in "really high level content" like lv 100-200ish or even 1k, I just want to have fun with her.

And to inform you I'm still not advanced to the game I currently MR 16 with some decent mod, but still have problem for arcane, still trying to build a set for efficient arcane farm right now.

and I've already try adapation, rolling guard, shield gatting play, but still hard to survive and keep her utility useful In some harder content, now I'll try the health conversion build but if you guys have some recommendations for banshee build I would humbly ask you guys to share it with me.


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