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Riven disappeared


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I'm a long time player. Also a clan founder.  Over the years I've put in hundreds of dollars into war frame . love the game. ever changing mechanics and new content. Loved it when I couldn't afford a game.  Loved it more when I could put in money to support the game and devs.  Late last night before logging off I decided to cycle my opticore riven . I paid platinum to acquire that mod a few years ago. Cycled it like 10 times and logged off. ... When I woke up to get in some grinding before work.  My riven was gone.. This is either an actual bug witch should definitely be addressed.. Or someone was on my account. Nobody here was awake. And the steps to trade or dissolve a riven are a bit complicated.. I'm trying to reach out . I worked for dollars to buy that mod. I wouldn't give it up at all.. If a dev could resolve this or give me some input if my account was Comprised... Either way I trust D.E. you guys are great.  If I haphazardly didn't save or something like that I guess its my bad. If its a bug , I'm glad to send a ticket and if my account was compromised I'd appreciate any feedback on the matter.

Ninjas play free

sincerely ,


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After cycling the mod, did you log off directly, or did you do anything else, like dissolve mods into endo?  Is it possible you forgot to un-select the riven mod before doing so?

Is it not showing up in your arsenal or just in your mod station?  If the latter, have your filter settings changed or are they set to view all mods?

If you're satisfied that the above are not concerns for you, then I would suggest putting in a ticket.

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