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  1. As someone else who went through a lot of PT 2 to get Atmo systems, you just have to keep going. It's just bad RNG.
  2. Hmmm, I was wondering if anyone else had seen this happen. In my case, I lost about a single point of impact damage on a Kuva Tonkor, so not as bad as your case, but something seems to be happening that probably shouldn't happen.
  3. Rivens are balanced (both nerfs and buffs) as DE said they would do when rivens were implemented, not to appease "envious players".
  4. That's not how it works. The mission end screen shows you how many total intrinsics you have not how many you earned through a single run. It doesn't start at zero in the end of mission screen. You can argue about it all you want, but that's how it is. And, no, you're not earning 40 to 50 intrinsics in a single run of Gian Point.
  5. I'm pretty sure they have. Do you mean when you pull the left trigger to aim the drill perhaps?
  6. Did you exceed the limit of 30 scrapped items? The game starts to auto-scrap things for you...or at least it did before the recent update. Now, I believe it's supposed to give you a warning and force you to scrap items. This should have been fixed by one of the hotfixes. Was it?
  7. Was this fixed by any of the hotfixes?
  8. Nope, apparently they don't know that, because it's not true, unless it's different on PC or changed with the recent update (I haven't checked). As of before the update, the Zetki avionics bundle had Hull Weave, but not Bulkhead.
  9. AFAIK, it's always been that way, and I'm seeing no mention of that changing in the patch notes section on the wiki.
  10. You do not have to redo sacrifices for syndicates once you've done them once.
  11. It's not supposed to be and was supposedly fixed in Hotfix 20.2.4. I wonder if it's bugged.
  12. Fly around the map and collect all the resources that are just floating around. Also, remember to refine materials in your forge - it doesn't grant you a lot, but a little bit here and there always helps.
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