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  1. Unless you are unable to use them due to MR locks - there's no reason to not use weapons. You don't miss out on MR XP.
  2. I put in a bug report for Ur and the disruption on Mars as those also don't give what the published drop tables show. Not sure if it's a console thing or if someone added the wrong data to the published tables.
  3. They don't take time to respond to everything, but they do read the bug reports. Please be patient. It can take time to track down a bug and further time to figure out how to fix it and implement the fix.
  4. They've stated (IIRC) that we'd see a NW intermission starting in a week.
  5. Did you complete any of the raids before they were discontinued?
  6. How are you checking the amount of forma you have? Are you looking in your inventory? Are you checking in the Arsenal when you attempt to use one?
  7. No, through DE support. https://digitalextremes.zendesk.com/hc/en-us Good luck.
  8. The counter will only reset when the invasion completes. You can't obtain a code from an invasion you've already received it on. RNG. It's a 33% drop chance for each piece. Maybe you can trade some of your superfluous items for the other items you need.
  9. You should not post your email address in public like that.
  10. Most likely you have not lost mastery. The bar sometimes is visually glitched. What matters is the actual amount of MR XP you have. If you are concerned that you have lost MR XP, check your profile. Add up your MR XP from your ranked items and nodes completed and see if it matches your profile's MR XP. If it does not, take screenshots and send to support. I think you'll find that they do match up.
  11. Você precisará conversar com o suporte sobre sua proibição de bate-papo. Feito com o google translate.
  12. You'll want to edit those images to remove the person's name and don't outright state their name in your post. Naming and shaming is not allowed on the forum. Then, you should send the un-edited screenshots to support.
  13. There is no manipulation. That would be virtually impossible to do, especially given that squads all get the same rewards. If you need the Systems and someone else needs the Chassis, how will this algorithm account for that?
  14. That makes absolutely no sense. Free speech in America is a reference to the first amendment which is about government shutting down speech. It has nothing to do with personal interactions between people on a message board. Enough users accurately recording drops over a large enough sample size could also strongly indicate a skew. The only examples I know of this happening in WF, however, are people who have recorded large numbers of sortie rewards. In all cases I'm aware of, the drop rates have been accurate. (Full disclosure, my own data of hundreds of sortie reward runs are included in that.)
  15. It's not like you'd be forced to play them.
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