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  1. Was your requiem mod in the wrong order?
  2. If you'd like to make suggestions, you might be better served to use the Feedback section of the forums.
  3. Pick up an affinity orb and see how much it gives you. If you get 200 affinity, it's working.
  4. If you already have Atlas from the quest then you won't receive another BP from doing the quest again. Cephalon Simaris will have the BP for you. Also, I believe the potent pherliac pods BP is re-usable, so you should already have it from the first time thru the quest.
  5. Regular Eidolon shards cannot be turned into standing. You need a number of them for ranking up Quills and some for crafting the Paracesis. They cannot be used to gain standing in Quills or for focus. This is not a bug.
  6. Or try using the Recruiting section: https://forums.warframe.com/forum/85-recruitment/ You can also go in-game and try the Recruiting tab to get a squad together to run the mission you're looking for. Good luck.
  7. I know that DE made certain rewards immune from being stolen by liches - not sure if the item you lost is on that list or not, so it's potentially a bug, but it may not be. That said, you should receive it back once you defeat your lich. All stolen items are returned to you (unless a bug occurs).
  8. It never has. The bonus affinity is applied real-time as you gain affinity. A good way to check is to pick up an affinity orb. If it gives you 100 XP then you are not receiving any affinity boost. If you get 200 XP then you have a affinity booster active. If it's 125, that should indicate you have a blessing active.
  9. This is the bugs section of the forums. You might be better served in putting this suggestion in the Feedback section.
  10. It should have come to you in your in-game inbox after completing the War Within. I suggest going into your menu, communications, inbox and seeing if you find anything in there. Once you open the inbox message it should then show up in your foundry for construction. If you don't have a message, I'd double check your foundry to see if it's there. If both of those fail, it might be time to put in a support ticket.
  11. Mate, you can be combative and attack DE, but it doesn't help anything, and it certainly won't make them work any faster, nor will it make what I said any less correct. And, my platform has nothing to do with this. Console builds are almost exactly the same. I haven't checked, but I may be missing these loadout slots as well. I'm not going to get aggressive and attack DE about it though, because that's not helpful and solves nothing. Again, please learn to be patient. DE are aware of the issue and they are working it. And, again, piling on doesn't help and won't get you your loadout
  12. Aaaaaaaaand...they've already said they are investigating. Please have some patience.
  13. If you've previously ranked those as secondaries, then they shouldn't give MR XP. The MR goes with the chamber type, not the grip. The grip only determines whether you'll build a secondary or primary.
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