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  1. What do you mean by not working?
  2. For your contribution to the clan score, it will only give your single highest point total. The overall clan score should be the addition of the single highest point total of each clan member that participates. At least, that is how it has worked in past events. ETA: Your 6K score is what goes to the clan score. If another clan member gets 4K as their highest score and another gets 5K for their highest score, then the clan score would be your 6K plus the 4K and 5K for 15K total for the clan.
  3. Considering NW S1 is over, I don't think they'll go back and reward points.
  4. Just to check, are you certain that you have daily standing left, that you have only a Steel Meridian sigil on (and not a sigil from another faction), and that you haven't maxed out your Steel Meridian standing (ready to rank up)?
  5. Stalker/Shadow Stalker only have a 100% drop rate for the following items: Are you certain you didn't get, at least, something from this drop table? Similarly for the Wolf:
  6. Um... You put a period after it, but that is a question. At least it follows the form of a question. I get it. You're upset because consoles have delayed releases from PC. If it's really a problem, take it up with Sony, XB1, and Nintendo. I'd argue it's a good thing though, in that we get more stable builds. But, don't couch it in terms of DE neglecting consoles and screwing over new console players when that simply isn't true.
  7. They may not be planning to have breaks between seasons in the future.
  8. You answered your own question... But new player progression for PC players is in the same spot as console. You're making no sense. Console is neglected because we will get our mainline release later than PC, thus stopping new player progression more than PC even though we'll get NW S2 at the same time as PC, which is also stopping new player progression on PC...what? This makes absolutely zero sense.
  9. PC is in the same boat as console for all of those things - hence they are not neglecting consoles as you seem to think. I do love how people complain about how consoles get neglected when PC gets things first and then people also complain about how consoles get neglected when they get things at the same time as PC.
  10. Do what now? They've said they put off NW S2 so that they can release it simultaneously on console and PC. At no point during NW have they neglected console unless you want to argue that the reduction in some of the challenges that came later to console due to release schedules was some sort of neglect.
  11. Just to make sure... Did you do the mission three times, each time scanning the Simaris target? Note that there is only one Elite Lancer per map that you are required to scan for the quest - it's the one that the scanner leads you to, it will have a blue hue to it, and it will have 4 scan points on it.
  12. Check your codex to ensure the quest is registered a complete. If it is, check your mail inbox to see if you have a message in there containing the Gara BP. If those both fail, you'll need to put in a support ticket.
  13. If the game is telling you to craft Revenant parts, then you'll need to run Cetus bounties, get the part BPs as rewards from the bounties, and craft them.
  14. It's not a tangent. Why do you think DE hasn't required max weapons? Are they though? I don't know what your experience is, but again I have to ask what your definition of leeching is, because it seems like your definition means anyone who doesn't bring a fully maxed out loadout, whether they are contributing or not. Why do things have to be one or the other? That's a false dichotomy. Regardless, I do think leeching is a problem, depending on how one defines leeching, and I'm very sure that we don't have the same definition. Again, if your definition is anyone who doesn't bring a fully maxed out loadout, then we don't agree on definitions. I don't see an issue with bringing under leveled gear provided the player is contributing to the mission. If your concern is people not contributing, then requiring max weapons isn't going to achieve what you want and will simply keep people from playing the mode.
  15. Says the person that thought that I was talking about using NW credits from season 1 after is was over based on misreading a single word that made sense in the way that I used it? I think we're done here if all you have is insults.
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