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  1. Did you get the Gara Prime pack or the Gara Prime Accessories pack? Only the Prime Accessories pack comes with the boosters.
  2. If you haven't built it, it won't appear in your codex. Once you build it and start using it, it will be there. If you're certain that you should have gotten the part you need and didn't, then you'll need to submit a support ticket.
  3. Highly doubtful. Look up the affinity for a mob enemy on the wiki, then go kill one. You'll likely find that it works if it works on the orbs. Just because you have the same loadout as someone else doesn't mean that your affinity gains will match theirs. It dependent on who gets the kills, how the kills are gained, etc. If you are killing with your frame, then your squadmate will get affinity towards their weapons and you won't.
  4. Likely because only so many resources can be on the map at any time. This is not a bug, but very much part of the design. I suggest you actually pick up the steel essence instead of leaving it to disappear.
  5. Claiming from the foundry? Which weapon? If it's the Ayanga, have you checked in your archguns?
  6. This is very confusing? Are you saying you've done the quest already and are trying to re-do the quest?
  7. Easy way to check is to grab an affinity orb from a locker or something. See how much affinity you get from it. They give 100 affinity without a booster. If you get 100, then the booster isn't working. If you get 200, then it's working.
  8. BPs are the blueprints. For quest items, once the quest is complete Simaris will stock the blueprints usually, since they are no longer obtainable if one sells them. So, if you've finished the Archwing quest or parts of it, it's worth checking to see if Simaris has the parts you need. Good luck.
  9. If I've done my math correctly, there's about a 5% chance of this happening. Yes, it's unlikely, but it doesn't invalidate the system. I'm sorry that you're having difficulty with getting the part, but it will drop eventually. Meanwhile, you've likely been on the better end of the drops on other items. I know it's hard to think about it objectively right now while you're frustrated, but if you do run the numbers, they do trend to the stated numbers in every case I've ever seen done (including my own runs of hundreds of sorties with tracking the results). Good luck.
  10. How did you obtain the archwing? Did you do the quest to obtain one, or did you just buy/build one? I'm wondering if maybe the Limbo quest uses the Archwing quest as a prerequisite.
  11. They should be listed under the window that contains things like the link to Maroo's weekly hunt, not in the quest tab. The anniversary missions were part of an event. These are not part of an event. Also, if you haven't completed the node that the GotL is on, it may not show for you.
  12. Some liches have the ability to proc rad, so if the lich had spawned, that could account for the rad proc.
  13. Perhaps KB is just time-traveling to the future.
  14. What do you mean by update? Did support answer your ticket and ask for more information? On the ticket itself there should be a box at the bottom to give more input.
  15. Can you explain in more detail what is happening? It's unclear to me (and likely to others as well) what is meant by "grounds" the target "from a siphon trap". Does that mean you are using a siphon trap but instead of lifting the target it is being stuck to the ground? Edit: Is it only on Void tilesets? Is it only with Gara Prime?
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