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  1. You'll likely get people telling you both to report and to not report. In the end it's got to be your decision. If you feel that their behavior was toxic enough to warrant a report, then that's your call.
  2. I believe that the requirement for the mystery gift was being in game and in the relay for the duration of the stream. Hydroid Prime was for watching on Twitch. If you didn't watch on Twitch or didn't have your account linked, then you would not have received the Hydroid Prime. If you did watch on Twitch and did link your account, you can try to submit a support ticket.
  3. You shouldn't publicly post your email address. If you haven't received your Twitch items, you can try to contact support.
  4. Enemy radar mods. CC the enemies so they don't move. If you see enemies moving on your map, it's due to an arbitration drone or some nullifier-type enemy. Go after those and kill them quickly and then go back to CC'ing the enemies.
  5. You missed the disadvantage of people skipping out when it's their turn to use their radiant relic. This was one of the complaints about the tower key system - that people would set up a key share, but some members of the share would not end up sharing and would leave instead. If you're running with friends, this isn't as much of an issue, but with people from Recruiting chat you could run into this situation. That's a big reason why people insist on running the 4 rad relics in one run. Another reason for some is that it doesn't really matter whether 2 or more of the desired piece drops as long as at least one drops. Doing one mission with 4 rad relics maximizes the chances of at least one dropping in the least amount of time.
  6. Have you changed the slider on the star chart back to the normal position before attempting to run the sortie? I wonder if it's reading your current state.
  7. Go see Simaris to get duplicate copies of old frames from quests. You've never been able to redo quests to get the rewards a second time. And, the reason you can buy another copy of the quest is because it can be traded.
  8. So, to clarify, you've obtained the blueprints for the Odonata wings, harness, and systems, built all three components, then also built the Odonata main BP using the components? You've also claimed the Odonata main BP after allowing it to build? Is the quest set as your active quest? It won't allow you to equip the Odonata until you complete the next quest objective on Montes, Venus.
  9. I have no idea what syndicates have to do with Steel Path. SP enemies are supposed to gain 100 levels. I don't follow what you're trying to report.
  10. Please calm down. I was not opposing your point to simply oppose it, but pointing out that the idea of having a rule in English that states one should use the masculine form of pronouns for unknown entities is incorrect. That you agreed with me in your rant shows that I am right. Thank you for agreeing with me. The point still stands. We should be using they/them instead of he/him (regardless of whether one is "hyper-woke" or not). It not only helps to avoid mis-identifying women, but also those who are not gender-binary or simply do not wish to be identified as he/him. It shouldn't be a huge issue to change one word in your speech patterns to accommodate the wishes of others when it does no harm to you.
  11. People asking for them or people posting links with their rivens? Just because people are asking for something does not mean that it exists.
  12. This thread doesn't indicate that all the awards have gone out yet, so it's possible they are still working thru the backlog.
  13. So, when you resume the quest it is asking you to build a Mirage Chassis? You can check Simaris' offerings to see if you can purchase another Mirage Chassis and build it. Otherwise, you may have to put in a support ticket.
  14. Yes, you are the only one being extracted. There is individual extraction for excavation and survival missions.
  15. This is the bugs section. Perhaps you meant to put this in Feedback?
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