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Eidolon bugs


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So, for the past 2 days, I've encountered something really irritating. During my eidolon hunts, I've noticed that whenever the eidolon stomps and knocks you back, in rare circumstances, you can't return to your warframe, despawning the warframe and deleting it while in game. Another issue I've discovered is that earlier, literally 4 minutes ago, I have not died once during this run, on the Gantulyst, which I had just broken its 4th limb, stomped down, causing my operator to die instead of going back into my frame. 

This resulted in a death instead of a simple transference static debut, immediately failing the open world run, without warning, sending me back into my orbiter, without my resources from killing the teralyst. I've found this to my extremely irritating as I've been doing this to focus farm. And finish the remainder of my focus trees. Keeping in mind, I have used absolutely no revives throughout the run. If someone on the console team could post an upcoming fix, I'd be very happy. 

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