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Customizations for Helminth powers


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Not sure what the workload behind these changed would be but it'd be a cool customization.


It's for making the helminth powers use different animations or substitutions so you can make your


For "dessications curse" which any frame can use with helminth the sand shadows produced by them could be

1) Appear like nekros summons

2) Appear like nekros prime summons

3) Appear with an ephemera of your choice around them


ORE GAZE customizations

1) Targetted affected turn to GLASS (shatters into piercing,slashing damage)

2) Turn to ICE  (shatters into slash/cold damage)

3) turn to copy of ground texture beneath them. (shatters into corrosive damage on infested ground, blunt on other ground)



1) Copies of your Spray icon rotating around

2) Images of the enemies own visages going around.


Loki's Decoy:

1) Puts an image of an ally not you

2) Equips your current pistol not a lex.

3) Equips your primary weapon not a lex


OCTAVIA's resonator

Currently uses a default song.

Should be able to go to mandachord and make a drum track for it.

1) Use something OTHER than a ball rolling around, companion?


Wukongs Defy

1) Uses your current melee weapon (with added glows and energy sphere) rather than the iron staff


Ash's Shuriken:

1) Uses a copy of your pistol weapon to throw

2) uses a copy of your throwing weapon to throw


Ice Wave:

1) Like chroma uses your COLOUR to decide the element damage type

(and add other colour selections for radiation,corrosive,blast,magnetic, viral possibly)


Saryn's Molt

1) Like above use colour to decide element damage type when decoy explodes.


Null star:

1) Adds your choice of small object to spin around you.



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