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A few QoL changes and some other things


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these are just a few QoL changes and other things that I think would be nice to have or just make sense.

1 - Fire Blast currently has a line-of-sight requirement (from casting position) on it, this is stupid and should be gone

2 - when customizing Equinox, you can toggle it to see how they would look with each metamorphasis, however the icon it gives isn't very useful, add small text like 'mixed' 'day' 'night' for each form so its easier to tell

3 - ability to add routes that your domestik drone takes (optional, if no route is given, then it will follow a basic route that goes through the ship), also add this for dojo rooms if we decide to put a drone in them.

4 - a small decoration capacity for the railjack (can understand why we can't decorate it, but I'd like a little bit more personalization in it)

5 - ability to set reminders for when things finish crafting while during a mission, for when extractors finish or when the helminth has finished subsuming a warframe

6 - purely cosmetic, but a small visual near each flower to represent the warframe that was subsumed (or potentially based on the subsumed power) instead of just colours (smoke coming off a flower of ember, 'obey' written in tennobet coming off a nyx's flower, etc), so that other people know who was subsumed

7 - each room in the ship can be coloured independently of eachother. the 'main room' (aka the area that leads to each individual room), counts as one large room.

8 - ability to choose between each version of the ship interior that has existed (aka the original interior, the one with the skylight, etc etc)

9 - when a Vulpaphyla enters its larva state, you gain a status with a timer to tell you when it will return to normal

10 - pets gain a few seconds of invincibility after being revived in a mission

11 - add 'a mutagen/antigen for a predasite/vulpaphyla' into the descriptions of mutagens and antigens from Son so that its easier to tell which are needed instead of looking at the liquid to tell.


If I think of more I'll put them in here

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