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Glitching out of the map on Hydron

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I was playing on Hydron today trying to level my titania prime when i noticed if you fly using her 4 to the top corner of the map and push against the barrier then switch to operator mode you then pass right through the barrier and are standing on top of the invisible barrier this is already out of bounds but i found you could then do the same thing and fly to the top corner of the new area you are in and you will find a crack opened into the outside of the ship if you then fly directly into the crack and then go to your operator mode you go right outside of the whole map where you can shoot the enemies still and see the whole playable map. Not 100% sure if this is a new find or not i searched and didnt find anything but who knows. I hope this helps to fix this kind of thing. i have screenshots of the glitch and can show it if thats whats needed. Thanks.

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