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Multiple Ropalolyst bugs including one that prevents completing it


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Haven't finished it even once after 5 tries.  Farming a second Wisp for subsumation.  Have built Wisp twice before, Switch and PC and know what to do.

Random selection of bugs seen in those 5 runs below.  But please just run it yourselves, it's a complete mess and it'd better if you folks tested it.

  1. Screen randomly blanks like you've fallen off the platforms or ropes when you haven't.  In a couple of runs, this was near continuous at one point.  In others it doesn't show.
  2. Chicken clipping through capacitor stage like it has lost position.  Very often puts its face at the end of the lines so when you hit action key to traverse, you grab it instead which is painful to get off before charging the capacitor.  I resorted to using operator to dash across, but it's lucky I had that waybound unlocked.  It would be painful otherwise.
  3. Flew off into the distance and attacked the walls instead of the capacitor we were at.
  4. Biggest and worst one: got to the final stage 2 times and in both instances you get its health, activate the charger and it blinks out until the charger is done.  Health type turns to grey, sometimes flickers back to yellor armor before again going to grey.  You can keep dropping that grey health and reactivating the charger - it blinks out.

While I'm here: can we please have an upper limit on the number of broken platform segments in the middle of Sky City nodes?   I'm running into 5-6 of them and it's just not fun, sorry to say, and it's worse when there're so many.  In at least one instance a newer player quit out because they couldn't cross and host migrated us - not blaming them.

At the very least please make all walls runnable or something.  There is a lack of consistency in those segment, I supect to make them like puzzles.  Thing is there's a squad of 4 rushing a boss and no one will stop to smell the puzzles.  Thanks.

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