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PLEASE Recalibrate the Arsenal Lighting before phasing in the new Enhanced Graphics


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This was a real problem back when Deferred Rendering was introduced and ultimately turned me away from the option since it desaturates a lot of colors on a lot of materials in the Arsenal, especially since we use the Arsenal a lot to be able to precisely tweak the colors of our frames. I also notice this issue in certain spaces, like the Login screen and the Syndicate screen. 

A few examples (Classic on the left, Enhanced (Beta) on the right). 

Now I wouldn't have a problem with this if we had a color slider or a material swapper, but those things will either never be added or will be another 5-10 years down the line. Please look into this issue with the lighting instead and see if there's a way to replicate the original conditions of the Arsenal in the new Enhanced engine. If it isn't possible, then please reconsider this approach or don't phase out the old engine at all.

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