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Railjack Potential (My opinion).


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For those who have completed the Second Dream and the Rising Tide Quest, have I got another idea for Railjack.

For those that are in semi-developed to mature clans, we all know of a certain room in the dojo that has been out of service for a while, The Orokin lab. I wished dearly one day, that the lab would be put back into some use for the game instead of raids.

I happen to have a small idea that not only could make some gameplay updates fun, but hard-working towards new and experienced players, and that is using the Specter Regiment Research for a fleet. Not only would it help to give new and experienced players a better edge in completing their Railjack Missions, but for later mainline updates(depending on what DE is going to do),  The fleet building can help players, work with their clanmates, instead of just being in the clan and finishing research. Also, we could finally use the room that was almost long forgotten or even known to the growing player base.

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