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Update failed: Download data was corrupted


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So about 4 days ago my game (warframe) started crashing(not responding) and then would endthe app and give me crash report. I thought it was just something taht went wrong and wouldnt happen again. I treid to play the game again but after 6 crashes i gave up. Sometimes not only the game would crash but the whole PC. I uninstalled the game and redownloaded it (from steam) and when the launcher would open i ahve to do a 7Gb update but after hitting 100% it would just say: UPDATE FAILED, DOWNLOAD DATA WAS CORUPPTED. I left it to retry a couple of time but with no success. I uninstalled the game again and downloaded it from warframe.com . After download it had to do another big update but and the 100% it would say the same message( download data was corrupted). I again let it retry a few time but it still didnt work. Again i uninstalled the game and downloaded it from steam. When i had to do the big update again it would just give the same message. This time I left it for 6 hours. Still didnt work. I tried the language change thing i read in sollutions. I disabled my antivirus software. Still didnt work. Now i have disabled bulk download but is just gave me a different fail: update data could not be downloaded from servers. Please help someone. I really love this game and dont want to give up on it.

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